The Peacock Collection

The Peacock Collectiom

The Peacock Collection

Cobbler’s Lane owner Monica Walsh has always found inspiration and comfort, designing from the beauty she sees all around her, both while at home, or while travelling to exotic and far flung countries. The ‘Peacock’ collection deviates from this, with a much more personal inspiration. With the countdown on to become Mrs. Peacock, she decided it would be fitting to draw inspiration from her Fiancé’s namesake the colourful and majestic bird she is soon to have a much deeper connection with.

The collection draws inspiration from the Peacock’s splendid colours, pomp and spectacle, they provide when they fan out their tail in the hope of attracting a mate. With this in mind Monica wanted to create a collection that comprises of show-stopping pieces along-side more casual styles in a rich Peacock inspired colour palette. Designing timeless pieces is always a priority at Cobbler’s Lane - we want our pieces to be worn year after year. For the Peacock Collection we also wanted to create pieces that can be worn together or separately, and also mixed and matched with this collections as well as past. We want our customers to be able to build on their wardrobe and create new looks from pieces they already have in their wardrobe.

Shoot by Anaelizabeth Aguila

Model Melissa Elliot

Styling Monica Walsh

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